FABO 开放夜第三季第 2 期

FABO 开放夜第三季第 2 期

首先,让我们对第一期毕业设计创业 pitch Night 的 5 个项目进行回顾和思考:


2、用增进现实技术实现,实现预览 3d 打印成品

虚拟的现实 、质感和模型


4、有个 app 可以告诉我们,可以帮助做什么



1、本周将进行毕业设计创业的终极 Pitch


18:30-19:00 Welcome:WarmUp;

19:00-19:30 Input:How to Think about Computation as Material?, by David Li

19:30-20:30 Pitch(5Min Presentation + 5 Min Q&A)

20:30-21:00 Group Discussion

21:00-21:20 Feedback:What’s inspired?

21:20-21:10 Ending:Looking Forward Next Open Night


18:30-19:00 暖场;

19:00-19:30 Input:How to Think about Computation as Material?, 李大维

19:30-20:30 Pitch(每位讲者 5 分钟 presentation + 5 分钟现场 Q&A)

20:30-21:00 现场分组,根据自己的喜好组内讨论

21:00-21:20 反馈:发现了哪些问题?分享新的启发

21:20-21:30 结束

2、另外,3 月 27-29 日在创智天地举行的 2015 年沪港黑客马拉松也会来现场宣讲!!!
时间/Starting time:3.21 7p.m.
地点/Whereabouts:上海市杨浦区阜新路 281 号同济大学设计创意学院/ Fablab,281 Fuxin Road ,College of Design and Innovation,Tongji University


Fablab O|Shanghai 简介

作为中国第一个“全制”开放创新实验室,同济大学设计创意学院 FABO(Fablab O)- Shanghai 肩负着将 Fablab 国际网络和中国当地资源嫁接的历史使命:

“以 3D 打印、开源硬件和开放设计为代表的新工业革命浪潮为立足点,以 FABO 开放教育为核心基础,鼓励跨学科合作,实现人文、技术和设计的结合,营建积聚创客社区,通过与资本、企业的合作,探讨新时代产业链的缔结,推进社会智造革新。”

About Fablab O|Shanghai

As the first open-source fabrication lab in China, FABO-Shanghai is a place to “make almost anything”.

Taking the elements of the new industrial revolution that 3D printing, open-source hardware and open design represent as the foothold. By focusing on open course and education, FABO is to bring together various disciplines, to realize the collaboration of humanism, technology and design, to enhance its community influence and, in the end, to cooperate with capitals as well as corporations, so to generate the social innovation in China.

如果你也想跟我们分享你的创新和作品,请私信我们官方新浪微博:Fablab-Shanghai 或发送邮件到 fablab@126.com

If you would like to share with us your innovative ideas and works, please send us messages on Sina Weibo(Micro Blog) @ Fablab-Shanghai,or send email to fablab@126.com




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