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Fablab O | Shanghai 工作坊将带你走进 Edison 的世界,从组装设备、搭建开发环境到应用开发实例的演示及讲解,让零基础的你也能够成为一名 Maker,引领 IOT 世界的新潮流就是你!


Fablab O | Shanghai workshop will show you the world of Edison. You shall take a close look at the process of mounting equipment and establishing development environment, as well as a demonstration of a developing and applying example. Even if you have no knowledge of it, we assure that you can and will be a Maker. It is YOU that represent the new trend of the IOT world!





【时间】2015.4.25 周六 16:00-18:00
【地点】Fablab O | Shanghai,阜新路 281 号,同济大学设计创意学院
【人数】15 人
【Time】16:00-18:00 Saturday, 25th April , 2015
【Place】Fablab O | Shanghai,  No.281 Fuxin Road, College of Design and Innovation,Tongji University






报名费用:培训费 100 元

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[Payment Method]

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Registration fee:100 yuan for training expenses.

Our Alipay Account: fablabpay@126.com.

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【新技能 get】
1. 初识 Edison,让他“跑”起来
2. Edison 开发 So easy!(搭建 Edison 开发环境)
3. Edison 代码开发调试演示及讲解
4. 如何让挂掉的 Edison 死而复生
5. 蓝牙功能的实现及剖析


[Detailed Content]


1.Introduction of Edison and the way it works
2.To establishing the Edison development environment
3.Demonstration of developing and debugging the Edison code
4.To revive a “dead” Edison
5.To realizing and analyzing the Bluetooth




16:00-16:10 初识 Edison
16:10-16:35 手把手教大家搭建 Edison 开发环境
16:35-16:45 Edison 开发测试用例演示
16:45-17:00 Edison 几种常见问题及解决办法
17:00-17:35 蓝牙功能的实现及剖析
17:35-18:00 分组头脑风暴,利用各种传感器打造一款 IOT 设备,可以是一种想法也可以直接实现 prototype,优质作品我们将当天开放呈现给大家。


[Program Agenda]


16:00-16:10 The introduction of Edison
16:10-16:35 You will be taught how to establish an Edison development environment hand by hand  16:35-16:45 The demonstration of developing test cases of Edison
16:45-17:00 Common  problems with Edison and several solutions
17:00-17:35 The realization and analysis of the Bluetooth capabilities.
17:35-18:00 Brainstorming in groups on using various sensors to make an IOT equipment. Either a simple idea or a practical model is welcome. We will present all the good works to you at the same day.




我们会有后续的进阶课程,配合外接摄像头,实现一款高精度、实时、准确易用的脸部识别系统。丢掉用户名,抛弃密码,让企业、住宅管理更便捷,让财产、私密更安全。只要你有想法,只要你肯动手,搭配上常用的传感器以及外接设备,就能打造一个属于自己的 IOT 空间。


[Further Classes]


We will offer further advanced classes later. With camera accessories, a high-accurate and timely face recognition system which is easy to handle will be realized. Get rid of your username and password, the management of your business and residence will be much easier, while your property and privacy shall be safe. All you need is some new ideas, coupled with your hands. With common sensors and external attachments,  you can make your own Maker Space.





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